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Minimum Viable Marketing Plan

Polsky Exchange - Washington Park Classroom
1452 E 53rd St 2nd Floor

Event Description

Learn low-budget, best-practices marketing strategies to generate awareness and sales for your product or service. This interactive and entertaining session outlines how to use brand-building principles, public relations, influencer outreach, social media, and advertising, and collateral materials to promote your company.

The session will be facilitated by David Kelbaugh, founder of Chicago-based Tacklebox Brand Partners. Kelbaugh is a 20-year marketing veteran who has helped develop brand strategies and advertising campaigns for Allstate, Sprint, BP, Kaiser Permanente, and Marlboro. In this session he will focus on what early- stage startups need to know about marketing: brand development, public relations, influencer outreach, advertising, and more. He will introduce crafty tricks and cost-effective tools that companies with fine-tuned services and products can use to accelerate into the market.

Minimum Viable Marketing Plan is an education event of the University of Chicago Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  Polsky Center is dedicated to promoting and supporting students, faculty, staff, alumni, researchers and local entrepreneurs as they navigate the complex process of creating and growing a startup. The center drives venture creation and technology commercialization within the University of Chicago and the surrounding community. Through education, partnerships, and new venture support, the Polsky Center advances the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship and accelerates the commercialization of research.

For registration information call 773/834-1522 and tell them you saw the listing on the Minority Entrepreneur News Site.

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