IL Governor Pritzker Launches Massive Statewide $45 Billion Capital Plan

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Earlier this Summer, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed into law “Rebuild Illinois,” the state’s first capital plan in nearly a decade. The $45 billion plan appropriates funds for a comprehensive range of vertical and horizontal construction projects, statewide, over the next six years. 

Rebuild Illinois earmarks$33.2 billion for transportation projects, $3.5 billion for education facilities, $4.4 billion for state facilities, $1 billion for environment and conservation projects, $420 million for broadband development, $465 million for healthcare and human services projects, and $1.8 billion for economic and community development projects. 

More than $14 billion is slated for new roads and bridges, $10.4 billion for repairs to existing state roads and bridges, and $3.9 billion for local governments to rebuild their roads and bridges. Nearly $11 billion will be allocated to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT's) Multi-Year Plan for roads and bridges. Under the plan, mass transit, including the RTA, CTA, Metra and Pace, will receive $4.7billion, passenger rail, including Amtrak and other inter-city rail projects will receive $1 billion, $558 million will be provided for aeronautics projects,$492 million for the Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation EfficiencyProgram (CREATE), 312 million for grade crossing protection, $150 million for ports, and $679 million for other transportation projects. 

The plan also designates $415million for preK-12 school maintenance, $111 million for early childhood education projects, and $2.9 billion for higher education projects, including deferred maintenance and new projects at public universities, private universities and community colleges. 

In addition, Rebuild Illinois provides $4 billion for deferred maintenance and new projects at state facilities, such as the decrepit state crime lab; $350 million for the StateCapitol building; $75 million for park and recreational facility construction; $29million for Illinois green infrastructure grants; $140 million for renewable energy projects, including solar and energy efficiency upgrades at state facilities and transportation electrification in low-income communities; $200 million for affordable housing, $50 million for community health centers, and $75 million for economically depressed areas. 

In various statements the Governor has expressed his pride and enthusiasm for Rebuild Illinois. He has twitted: 

“Over the years, we’ve amassed a $30 billion backlog in maintenance needs for our roads and transit systems, and we’ve racked up a $24 billion backlog at state facilities like the crime lab and educational institutions like our universities.” 

“This $45 billion capital program invests in every corner of our state.” 

“For the first time in a decade, Illinois is making historic investments in our roads, bridges, schools and buildings — and creating and supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs across the state.” 

“We’re investing $45 billion over six years to repair what’s broken and build what’s needed – all while supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout our state.” 

“The vast majority of the Rebuild Illinois budget – $33 billion – is dedicated to the day to day needs of our families:transportation to work and to visit family and access services and to go to school and so much more.” 

“We’re reshaping our state for the future. We’re rebuilding Illinois.”

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Ida Hindmon

Ida Hindmon is Co-Founder and Co-Publisher of Minority Entrepreneur News and Sales Director of the Internet Marketing Clinic. She designs and develops marketing and sales strategies for the The Marketing Clinic and is the clinic's senior copy writer and editor.